Press Release: June 30 2018 Local Enterprise Exceeds all Expectations

The meeting today was arranged to take place in the latest of Andrew Fenwick and Georgie Palmer’s Healing Centre and Wholefood Cafe Cooperatives; located on the sunny north coast of NSW in Byron Bay.

Although it is winter here, in typical Byron fashion the weather is spectacular and the warm sun is streaming into the open front of the most fabulous natural foodies paradise in town.

We asked Andrew a few questions as to how he and the gorgeous Georgie had created such a successful outcome in what seems to be an overnight success; “Well Andrew, was it overnight success?”

A “of course not, is there really such a thing? We had quite the journey getting here, learning from a few less than successful attempts”

Q “so what changed the course of your lives or helped you get to this point?”

A ” I could speak to you for hours about the things in my life that have brought us to this point.  But to narrow it down to just a few key elements it might go like this.  Step one was the introduction to Sunrider International and the subsequent emmersion into natural health and the growing industry it represents. Step two was heading off on a tangent of setting up our business, Soul’s Abode, which established a great reputation for service and care.

Third elements, thanks to some funny business, was the global financial crisis, which for us like many was a catalyst for change.  For me it meant a return to the workforce and was very fortunate to have landed on my feet back in the rail industry in a well paid stable position, very blessed and grateful for that and what it represented.

Forth was the realisation that I didn’t fit, my passion for helping others to live happier healthier and more prosperous lives unlikely to find it’s full calling.  So we looked again at what Sunrider offered and decided to pursue a more professional approach to Network Marketing as an exit strategy and launching pad for our future.  The rail job provided the income I had wanted from past businesses, however 20 years of it was not a possibiity I wanted to entertain.

Fifth involved creating a Wellbeing Community and Enterprise Project which was to be the growth platform for creating the capitol and reputation required to have the 4 year long over night success we have enjoyed, the 4 years that followed the previous 20+ years of learning.”

Q “so it sounds like you had tried all that before, what changed to open the door to the obvious successes of the last few years?’

A ” as I said, it was the decision to explore the potentials of Network Marketing that was really the key point for us.  Sunrider is a fabulous example of the perfect business opportunity for anyone willing to learn some skills and do the work required to succeed. I always knew this, however I only had some of the skills and had dodged some of the necessary activities.  We had looked at many other players in that industry and other business options over the years, but really none were a patch on Sunrider.

I needed skills and searched the online world for a credible source that I could align with.  In that exercise I stumbled on Mark J , the world’s laziest networker and loved his style and information.

Of course he wasn’t lazy at all and through this connection I became involved in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and his go90grow Network Marketing Skills course.  This combination provided a powerful 6 month development on my thinking and business skills that literally strapped a rocket pack to the back of our dreams and away we went.

The Sunrider enterprise at the centre of our wellness community project attracted some truly fabulous people to it who could see the massive benefits of being involved, of course they have all succeeded at an amazing level, which put our team and the Australian operation on the radar with Sunrider’s Owners.  This attracted a growing range of products and more resources which just continued to grow our team’s income generating potential. I will never have any regrets about the decision to become a leader in our own Network Marketing Organisation.

I will also be forever grateful for the accidental discovery of Mark J and his team, for it was the clarity formed around my purpose and how to think to be successful that ultimately contributed to our current lifestyle and freedom of choice becoming a reality.

The best part about the whole affair is that we have helped many thousands of people experience more happiness, optimum wellness and a real opportunity to create some prosperity of their own; its been a blast.”

Q “so what have you achieved and what is the plan for the next stage of life?”

A “mmm interesting question, all we have achieved is exceeding the Definite Major Purpose I wrote in 2014 in a few measurable components. The concept of buying a building in our home town of Newcastle and setting up a cooperative that provided natural health services and an amazing good food cafe, has already grown legs and we sit here now in the third such enterprise in one of our favourite locations in Australia, which of course obligates us to spend quite a bit of time here.

Our Network Marketing business with Sunrider has blossumed beyond my most extravagant dreams, it wouldn’t be tasteful to go into income levels achieved however we certainly do not compromise in any decisions we make based on available funds and we are only actually working about 25 hours a week on a busy week.

The next stage in life will be to keep helping as many people as possible achieve real happiness, optimum wellness and stable prosperity.  This is a big country with a growing population, so we will not be running out of people to work with.

The cooperatives are going gangbusters, helping a swag of people live better lives and supporting the people who join with us in their individual quests; we will in our travels identify suitable locations around the country to establish operations and attract the best people to get involved.  I think that will keep us going for the next 25-30 years, then we might wind back to 5 hours a week and spend our spare time annoying the grandkids.”

Q “thanks so much for your time today and how about we have something to eat, the food smells here have been driving me to distraction all morning, lucky I recorded this”

A ” my pleasure, I appreciate you for wanting to check us out and learn more about our success.  I have already arranged the food, they guys out the back were just waiting for me to shut up.  Let’s eat!”

(The Echo, Local Business Reporter, Janice G)


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