Master Key Week 8 – Controlling Thought – The Law of Susbstituion

Just love it when someone says they are not good at blogging and then this appears!

Source: Master Key Week 8 – Controlling Thought – The Law of Susbstituion


WEEK 7 | Honor Your Bliss Everyday!

After an exceptionally fulll week of work and business fun, I have been able to settle into the blog roll of the 2015 Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

So much wonderful stuff going on in there as people unlearn old programming and create new thinking patterns.

I would like to share the work of Roz, someone I have watch grow in the process with the greatest faith in herself and the process itself. Beautiful writing, bringing the messages of her reading into connection with her thoughts.


Honoring your bliss is a way of life…. When you achieve alignment with the Source that lies within you, then you’ve attuned yourself to the most powerful force in the universe…be your own guru. Why wear a diamond when you can just be one. One with a more conscious you.

Everyone has the power to overcome life’s challenges and develop a life of great value that influences their environment in a positive way. Our important mission in life is tied to the passions that lie deep within. Once you’ve already asked, constantly thinking about your desires, living by the clock of your ego and not the compass of your heart, isn’t required. Letting go of your resistance towards its manifestation, builds sustainable happiness. Surrendering your desires, hence, your resistance, and trusting that the practical aspects of our lives will gradually be revealed as the journey unfolds, doors will open and all…

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