Week Four – Time to Quit!

Time to Quit!

Wait a minute … only 4 weeks in and I am tossing in the towel. Hell no, I am quitting any resistance I have to the concepts and new blue print building activities being asked of me.

G’Day and happy Aussie Friday

Wow week 4 you have been serving it up.  Had to watch the replay of the webinar just to get it straight and to drop the overwhelming sensation of ‘it’s all building up’ ‘how can I keep up’.

As I have mentioned I do not live a monday to friday 9-5 lifestyle, more like working all over the shop, 24/7 changing everyday and each week 52 weeks a year.  It is actually not possible to follow the model of the class to the letter. However what I can and will do is make ‘a fit’ that allows me to acheive all that is required to not only stay within my obligations but empowers me to achieve the spirit of the excercise fully.  I did it now and I did it my way!

Don’t be mistaken, I am following this class curriculum to the letter and am surprising myself how my past procrastination has been missing.. There is a drive to succeed and I am taking more action in the last few weeks to secure that then at any other time in my life.  This S#*#t works!

What I am choosing to do though is to embrace the life I lead right now, be gratefull for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance scholarship coming my way at this time and blend the two together 100% as best I can.  I know that there are so many people who are flying blind, living out someone else’s plan for them and bumping aimlessly from one challenge to the next.

I am quitting that life for good!!

I am quitting accepting failure as par for the course

I am quitting worrying about what other people are doing or thinking

I am quitting seeing my dharma as just a pipe dream and have started making it my destiny.

I am quitting the need to know all the details and have started to allow my world within to connect to that universal source for decisions.

I am quitting fear and it’s blanketing affect on the sun of my great ideas.

I can be what I will to be, and I can do it now!

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick



Week Three – MKMMA is becoming life as I know it

G’day and Happy Saturday / Sunday

Week three has rushed to a close.  Where week one and two I seemed to pushed to fit everything in; more mentally than actually.

This last week has been a full one, with another tweak of the definite major purpose (DMP) to include my personal pivotal needs and more emotional charge, a summary or movie trailer of DMP and a combined book / business launch event to bring together.

Yet there was such an internal push to ensure all MKMMA obligations were completed to the best of my ability.

Yes this does imply it wasn’t a perfect application of tasks, however not for a lack of sticking what I can into whatever gaps appear.  Not working a regular job, as I have a role in the rail industry that involves staggered rostering on a 24/7 basis.  There have been interruptions from being there or being in bed to recover for the next turn of duty. So it has been challenging to shuffle this all together.

It is very interesting how the readings change each time now, i used to believe my comprehension skills were pretty good; however when new meanings and phrases suddenly popping up as powerful, proves that every good read deserves a couple of reads at least.

I have always known that meditation is of great benefit and would when under the pump ‘sit’ and disengage for a while.  For the first time in my life meditating for 15-20 mins each day or as Haanel describes it, sitting, is something I will be continuing as the end of day and sleep has obviously improved. If we include the known science around the health benefits in our decisions, it is actually a no brainer to keep it up.

I now this whole process has added value to my launch event this week, able to clearly think and organise all that was needed to be done.  More significantly I attracted so much help to set up and pack up, to help organise guests and make sure everything came off in the most professional manner. Thankyou Thankyou!!

To all my fellow MKMMA students, lets stay in harmony and choose to go at it 100% so we can extract the greatest benefits from the experience and generosity of our teachers.

In the spirit of happiness, wellness and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet

Andrew Fenwick opening launch evet


Week Two – I Promise

G’Day and Happy Saturday

Week two of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Programme is nearly completed and the internal pressure of a promise is showing itself to be a powerful tool.

Let’s start with the ‘chore card’. I have had the back end of a motorbike pulled apart for a long long time, nothing serious, just for painting wheels and rear frame.

The poor stead found itself tucked away in a spot getting surrounded by ‘stuff’ and covered in dust.  Meanwhile I ride all over the land on a temporary touring bike.

Procrastination abounding in my mindset, the fun bike hibernates.

When Mark asked for a chore that requires no help or resources to complete that had been undone; the poor dusty red beast came immediately to mind.  I made a promise to refit the wiring to the tail frame by Oct 12; what happened …… by the evening Oct 6, wiring done, tail reassembled and biked moved to the centre of the garage so it gets to be finished.  Yay! The pressure to do this task was compelling.

Then there is the daily CH sit still and the collection of daily reads.

As someone working wild shift work (heavy haul train crew, Hunter Valley) at present, organising a book and enterprise launch, while making time for life; there has been times where going to bed or staying in bed have been powerful options.  Yet the moment that thought enters the mind, “won’t hurt if I miss one” the passage “and i make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. I will lose not a day from these readings ……” from Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World pops straight in.  I read, I meditate and I review my Definite Major Purpose as i promised myself i would.

By the end of the next 24 or so weeks it is clear that new powerful habits and better access to the world within will be adding more than the expected value to my life and it’s successes.

Thanks MKMMA team for all the energy and support you add to the process.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Health and Prosperity, Andrew Fenwick



Week One – Challenge Accepted

As I approach the end of week one of MKMMA ….
Defined Major Purpose has been massaged with the help of my ‘hands on’ guide, Carol; it’s feeling powerful.  As the DMP is part of the daily reading required it is interesting to see how the old blueprint intervenes from time to time. 

I have found using EFT while reading the DMP out loud is easing the tension the adventure brings up.

Today is the first challenge to reading habit by my work.  Timing will be out, however three sessions will be completed. 

My job gave me a good reminder today as to why my DMP is so important.  It’s 0540hrs on Saturday of a public holiday long weekend.  I have been on duty since 2030 hrs Friday and still 120km from home.

I hold myself in a point of gratitude to my employer,  gfc haven and wealth provider for future projects.  With such a well paid job to lean on DMP will unfold nicely.

Next week brings new lessons from The Master Key System and the Worlds Greatest Salesman.  How tempting it is to read ahead.

In the Spirit of Happiness, Health and Prosperity.

Andrew Fenwick