Week One – Challenge Accepted!

G’Day and happy Monday!

The first webinar of MKMMA this morning went for nearly 3 hours and the dedication of the MKMMA team to ensure no one is left behind in these early stages is great to see; although it becomes clear there is a certain “mother figure” that is not to be dicked around with ­čÖé

I have always encouraged clients to develop a written purpose to help guide their decision making and of course had one of my own that I have had for many years. Today I am reminded of where the power lays in accessing your purpose everyday.  Dharma, the purpose in life, is so important and from my experience with clients missing for most people.  Living a reactive life, being bounced from one external stimulus or disappointment to the next.

Is it any wonder so few people really enjoy the life they desire to enjoy, that so few create the success they believed when young they would.  The forming of a clearly defined Dharma, even if only to discover what your real purpose is provides a daily foundation upon which to build that day to be great.  Throw enough great days together and its a great life.

One thing for sure living a life of reaction and expectation, without deliberate thoughts and beliefs about how to create your life as you desire, means you will be surely living your life as part of someone else’s deliberate life. ┬áChances are they are not that concerned about how yours turns out.

I submitted a new Definite Major Purpose (DMP) today for the MKMMA experts to help me make it as powerful as possible in creating my life of purpose

Once my purpose is massaged to perfection, I will share it with you and you can hold me to account.

Now we start a 6 month journey through the writings of Haanel, Hill, Mandino and others, doing daily activities that is allowing all the shift in me away from an old blue print drawn up by some well meaning and some not so people in my past.

A process that is already allowing me to better access the world within, the power we all have built into us, to be who we want and create what we desire to fulfill our purpose in life.

This may ruffle some feathers in the world around me ­čÖé

In the spirit of happiness, health and prosperity

Andrew Fenwick


Did it go through ok?

Sitting in that moment of doubt, wondering if the application actually went in ok.

Have done so many things quickly this arvo to get everything in place to qualify, yet a niggling doubt in my mind about the application itself being submitted, Mark J imprinted in my mind that some mucked that up last year ­čÖé

Hoping to hear something back soon

Health Happiness and Prosperity


Application to MKMMA nearly ready to go!

This will be (thinking positively about it) the first of my blogs covering the experience I have taking part in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance for 2014.

A unique approach to personal development, which uses a ‘pay it forward’ scholarship. ┬áMy involvement has been funded by the people who completed the programme last year!

Now let’s hold on for the ride!

Health and Prosperity